Cape Breton Collection

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112 pages, approx. 12in x 9in  (30cm x 23cm)
Price: 34.95

Cape Breton Collection is Warren Gordon's latest photography book including images from 1975 to 2015.

The following is from Ronald Caplan's introduction...

A few words for Warren Gordon

While this is supposed to be an Introduction, I find these few words wanting to be a simple note of thanks, and I am glad for the opportunity to express gratitude in a public place for what Warren Gordon has accomplished.

I offer this on behalf of so many who are grateful that he took on the responsibilities and challenges and joys of a business that became the photographs gathered here - not to mention the national and international recognition his work has gleaned.

These images are no casual snaps. They are solid examples of devotion to craft and to Cape Breton. Even now, I can hear him laughing off the seriousness of what I am trying to say. Still, in the face of his gentle dismissal of my praise, I want to thank him for years of informed generosity, preserved for us through these photographs, these rare and irreplaceable moments.

We are grateful that he was there.

Ronald Caplan C.M.
Cape Breton’s Magazine
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